GE MWF Refrigerator Filter

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Manufacturer: General Electric

Model #: MWF

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Product Description

GE MWF / GE GWF Refrigerator Water Filter: The replacement GE
SmartWater MWF water filter is a new and better design than the now obsolete GE
GWF refrigerator water filter. The GE Smart Water Filter MWF produces cleaner,
better tasting drinking and cooking water. The GE MWF water filters reduce
chlorine taste and order as well as sediment. The GE MWF reduces 99% of Cysts,
Lead, Asbestos, Alachlor, Lindane, and P-Dichlorobenzene. The GE MWF
refrigerator filter does not remove Fluoride. The GE MWF refrigerator water
filter also reduces Atrazine, Turbidity, 2,4-D, Toxaphene, Carbofuran, Benzene
and Mercury. GE MWF Water Filter with Adapter: The Adapter is ONLY needed
when replacing the GE FXRC, GE FXRT, GE MXRC, GE HXRT, GE WR97X10006, or Kenmore
46-9905. The GE Adapter is reusable. You only need to install it in your
refrigerator once. The total height of the GE MWF Refrigerator Filter plus the
Adapter is about 1 inch taller. Please make sure you have enough room for the GE
MWF refrigerator water filter plus Adapter. GE MWF Replacement Filter
The GE water filter MWF and GE GWF filter have a filter life of
up to 6 months. The GE MWF refrigerator filter should be replaced sooner if you
notice tastes and odors returning to the water, the water pressure is greatly
decreasing, or the filter monitor light on the refrigerator has turned red.
Refrigerators that use the GE MWF Water Filter: GE-Smart WF Refrigerators
GE Refrigerators with the GE MWF filter or GE GWF water filter Hotpoint
Refrigerators with the GE MWF water filter or GE GWF filter Kenmore "363" Series
Refrigerators GE Profile PSB42GRBV GE Profile PSB42LGRBBV

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